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About Just Socks

Just Socks Foundation (Est. 2013) aims to relieve poverty by providing the basic necessities of life.

Socks are needed year round.  They protect from the elements and keep feet warm, clean and dry amongst other benefits. NEW socks are one of the most needed items of clothing for charities, shelters and their clients - however socks are also one of the least donated items. 

To reduce this gap, Just Socks Foundation (Registered Charitable #: 836278176RR0001) was created.

We provide new socks via our charity partners in Toronto, Hamilton and surrounding areas - even reaching Vancouver and Lac La Ronge Sasketchewan in 2017.  Our partners help distribute new socks to homeless youth, adults and marginally housed individuals in order to help them live a little more comfortably.  

Justsocks.ca via charity partners, corporate sponsors and public donation, has distributed just under 700,000 pairs of socks since 2015.


2023: 134,520 pairs of socks donated
2022: 105,660 pairs of socks donated
2021: 66,008 pairs of socks donated
2020: 61,480 pairs of socks donated
2019: 51,500 pairs of socks donated
2018: 83,000 pairs of socks donated
2017: 80,000 pairs of socks donated
2016: 65,000 pairs of socks donated
2015: 45,000 pairs of socks donated

Just Socks is raising funds for new sock donations to give to our partners – registered Canadian charities serving homeless and marginally housed in Canada.  

Our process is as follows:

1. Collect online public donations
2. Use funds to purchase socks in bulk at discounted rate
3. Provide socks directly to qualified partner charities/shelters

We are a volunteer led and managed organization. 

It’s an easy way to give.  It’s Just Socks!

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How many pairs of socks will my donation provide?

  • We can provide a quality pair of new socks for $1.50. 
  • $30 provides 20 pairs of socks
  • $150 provides 100 pairs of socks
  • $1,500 provides 1,000 pairs of socks!

Where is my money going?

  • 95% of your donation goes directly to manufacturing and delivering the socks. 
  • 5% of all donations go towards administrative costs, which include:
    • tax receipting
    • website hosting
    • secure online commerce
    • annual audit and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) filing costs
  • Everything else is done on a volunteer basis.  It is a volunteer-run and managed organization, including the guy who typed out this sentence, the generous folks donating this website and all sorts of other great help.

How safe is my online donation?

  • We have partnered with Canada Helps, a trusted and secure registered Canadian charity that provides safe and secure payment processing and instant tax receipting. 

Can I get a tax receipt?

  • Absolutely! 
  • Simply place your online donation through our Donate Now button and you will instantly be issued a tax receipt via email.  
  • Tax receipting provided by Canada Helps - a registered Canadian charity

Why do you donate only NEW socks?

  • New socks are necessary as we must be certain all socks are free from dirt and disease.
  • There are hygiene concerns with collecting used socks.
  • New socks are the most economical way to provide socks to the homeless as we do not have any washing, sorting or storing facilities.

Why is everything online, why don’t I buy socks at a store?

  • Donating online is the most cost efficient method for donating socks - no gathering, sorting or storing of socks is needed.
  • You purchase your socks online; we place a bulk order direct with Perri's Socks. and the socks are provided directly to the charities in need.
  • Your dollar goes further and helps more Canadians. [Purchasing from Just Socks buys many more pairs of socks than purchasing at a retail store]

Where do you get your socks?

  • We have a special partnership with Perri's Socks.
  • They know the value of a new pair of socks and share our passion in making more socks available to those in need.
  • Perri's Socks. have agreed to subsidize every pair of socks that are donated through Just Socks.
  • These are quality socks and long lasting.  Quality is important in helping keep feet clean, dry and free of disease.

How do the socks get to those in need?

  • Once the sock order is fulfilled by Perri's Socks we rely on volunteer service to distribute the new socks to local shelters and organizations.
  • Where no volunteer service is available – socks will be delivered direct from Perri's Socks to our warehouse partner and orders are shipped or picked up from there by our charity partners.

Who/Where are the socks provided to?

  • The socks are provided to registered Canadian charities serving the homeless and people in need.  Charities must be in good standing with CRA.
  • Just Socks targets the charities with the greatest need for socks and partners directly with them.
  • Socks are donated as needed by the charities, and as our stock allows
  • Just Socks is always accepting new charities to partner with and conducts due diligence in all partnerships.

Do you need Volunteers?

  • Yes! We are always happy to add more volunteers to our team.
  • If you would like to volunteer in any way, contact us here: info [at] justsocks.ca

I work for a charity and I need socks, how do I get on your list?

  • To receive socks, charities must be a registered charity in good standing with the CRA and be able to distribute socks to Canadians in need through your services.
  • To receive socks, please download and complete our Charity Partner Profile (available here) and return it to info [at] justsocks.ca

Who are you? Who is behind Just Socks?

  • We are a volunteer led and managed Canadian charitable foundation.  
  • We are passionate about providing new socks to the Canadians who need them most.
Terry Smith
Graham Smith
Vice President  & Treasurer
Katey Knott
Katie Alderdice-Smith

 Contact us: info [at] justsocks.ca


What if I have more Questions?

Contact us: info [at] justsocks.ca 


Just Socks - an easy way to give. 

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