Corporate Sock Drives

Why do an ONLINE corporate sock drive instead of collecting socks at the office?  Two simple reasons:

1. Donors get an immediate online tax receipt from Canada Helps!

2.  Your money goes further and you help more people.  WIth us, $30 buys 20 pairs of high quality socks.  That same money would get you only 5-7 pairs in the store, and not even at the same quality.  Don't believe us? Google it!  Choosing an online drive means you get more bang for your buck.

How does an ONLINE sock drive work?

You set the dates, and pick the charity partner that you want to support. We're open to supporting new charities partners too, just ask!  

We set up an online fund for your company through our Canada Helps page and send you an email with our big DONATE NOW button embedded. You modify the email as you like and send it out to your company.  Employees click the DONATE NOW button and make a secure online donation through Canada Helps under your company's fund. 

Try it now, it's so easy:  Donate Now Through! 

Your employees can watch the progress on our website or facebook page.   At the end of the drive, we take the money you raised and purchase high quality socks and deliver them straight to the charity you picked.  Or, we can arrange for employees to deliver the socks or visit the charity to help them unpack and take pictures if employees want to engage directly.


We still want to collect socks at the office - what should we do?

Sure, go ahead!  We can connect you with one of our charity partners and you can deliver the socks that you collect directly to them after your drive (we don't deliver those ones!)  However, we recommend you do a simultaneous online drive too, that way people who want to can reap the benefits listed above! 

I have more questions!

Email us - info [at]  - we love hearing your ideas!


Previous Corporate Sock Drives - Totals Raised

CIMS Holiday Sock Drive:   $655 
Supporting Hope for Freedom Society, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Pearson Corporate Centre Sock Drive:   $255
Supporting Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre, Toronto, ON.

viaSport British Columbia:  $340
Supporting RainCity Housing, Vancouver, BC.

Ontario Society of Chiropodists (Twitter: @yourOSC):  $925

OMERS Foundation Grant:  $5,000

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